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what is combed cotton

Literally, combed yarn is refined combed cotton, through the combing machine to remove the cotton fiber in less than 1 cm of short fibers to get combed cotton. This process will clean out more impurities, so its yarn is fine and excellent quality, combed cotton fabrics have a textured surface, with high resistance to washing and durability.


The advantages of combed cotton fabric


1. Combed cotton is more resistant than cotton, combed cotton fabric is resistant to wear and wash, the choice is better quality cotton, so the fabric is not easy to pilling.


2. And combed counterpart is combed, which is a textile process, combed cotton yarn will be smoother, and the woven cloth will not have cotton knots.


3. Its cotton is denser and soft, and solid, often used to produce cardigan shirts and other clothing.


4. Good moisture absorption and breathable performance is also a feature of combed yarn, the fabric is very comfortable to wear and easy to maintain clothes, this type of fabric is also gradually popular.


The disadvantages of combed cotton fabrics


Even after combing treatment, if the color is darker combed cotton may fade after washing, another disadvantage is that its price will be much higher than cotton, if the fabric does not have special requirements, then cotton is also a good choice.


The difference between combed cotton and cotton


1. Because combed cotton is after the "impurity" process, it is more durable and thicker than cotton, which is one of the main differences between it and cotton.


2. Then the surface of combed cotton is smoother, and its touch will be better than cotton, cotton is very easy to shrink and puckering and combed cotton will not.


3. Pure cotton in some external conditions (temperature, strength) under the action of easy deformation, fine sulfur cotton is generally not deformed. Then is the above-mentioned pure cotton prices will be lower.


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